managed services

Our Services teams take end-to-end responsibility for the delivery of your systems and their underlying technology, IT and business strategy alignment, and IT thought leadership – leaving you free to concentrate on what you do best.

Consulting and Assessment

Making Sure It Is Done Right

Businesses competing in a digital world require fast, reliable access to their business applications, distributed systems, data, and customers.

CCSP consulting services include:
· Site design, architecture and specifications
· Hardware architecture and specifications
· Security configuration and management 
· Data recovery and contingency planning 
· Software application installation
· Accounting and budgeting
· Web design and optimization
· Help desk and local support
· Marketing and social media

Budgeting and Planning

Align Your Technology with Your Strategy

Our certified engineers who assess your information-processing needs, select the most appropriate hardware and software technologies, and unite them into a network specifically tailored to meet your company's business needs.

We ensure that you get the right hardware and software at the right price, delivered on time and installed right. We configure your network, integrate all applications, and test the network thoroughly. We also supply and maintain full documentation so that when your business grows, your network expansion requirements will be easily identified.

Disaster Recovery

Your Business is Your Data. Is it Protected?

Disaster recovery is a business essential. Companies large and small need their data protected, accessible, and uninterrupted in the event of a disaster. Having an easily recoverable backup of your data is a fundamental disaster recovery plan. We recommend cloud and offline storage for protection of all your data, and a range of other backup and recovery products for servers, desktops and mobile devices.

Our backup and recovery solution provides a turnkey approach for every platform and application you use, and reduces the total cost for disaster recovery preparedness.


Network Design

We provide you with the expertise for analysis of your network, design and implementation to get you peak network performance. We offer a complete comprehensive set of LAN/WAN services to help ensure that your network operates efficiently and is effective for your organization


Network design is getting more complex with different type of multimedia and data traffic, so its a necessity to have proper design methodology to supports company needs.

AWS Cloud Architecture

A good AWS cloud architecture design takes advantage of the inherent strengths of cloud computing – elasticity, ability to automate infrastructure management.

WAN/LAN Design and Integration

Our team is available to consult, design, and deploy a custom LAN/WAN with the specifications to meet and exceed your current and future requirements.

Software Install and Distribution

Deployment is a complex process, and doing it by hand leaves too much room for human error. Our automated processes take out that error.
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Maintaining your network infrastructure and addressing operational IT needs requires access to a skilled network engineer who is familiar with your environment and your business.  CCSPs Adminitrstion Services provide both a primary and a secondary network administrator to fill this critical role.  Backed by our experienced team of engineers, you will never find yourself without knowledgeable support, all for a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee.

Network Administration

A well-run network safeguards your greatest asset-the data that is your company. We provide first class network administration services that results in better internal communications, increased productivity, and reduced costs.

Network Audit

We provide a customized network audit that addresses the vulnerability of the network, servers, website, associated applications, etc. The complexity of an audit may vary, as may the approach, depending on your network's specific design needs.

Preventive Maintenance

Our process uses a series of checklists and maintenance logs to bring you the assurance that the network vital signs are being watched and that issues get resolved. We provide fast, reliable, professional solutions with remedial weekly on-site maintenance.
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